He has practiced the law. He has taught the law. He has written the law. Now he is ready to interpret the law.

John Paul Jordan is a life long Canadian County resident, growing up in Mustang and then moving to Yukon with his wife of almost 11 years, Christi. They are blessed to be members of Trinity Baptist Church of Yukon. Prior to obtaining his law degree from the OU College of Law, John Paul taught 8th Grade US History and High School Special Ed in OKCPS and Mustang Public Schools.  John Paul has been a practicing attorney for 9 years and has served in the Legislature for 4 years. He also taught Criminal Justice as an adjunct professor at Redlands Community College.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Legislative Award from the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association

  • Legislator of the Year from The Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association

  • Outstanding Service from the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

  • Appointed to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles

  • Currently serves as Chairman of the House Administrative Rules Committee

John Paul Jordan
Jordan for Judge



While serving as your State Representative, John Paul Jordan received an award from the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association for creating the “Debt to Society Act.” This is a criminal justice reform measure that allows counties to develop work release programs for non-violent misdemeanor offenders.  As your District Judge, John Paul will work with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office to help establish and implement this common sense approach to overcrowding issues; potentially saving Canadian County tax payers thousands of dollars each year.

criminal justice reform
Champion for the Children


John Paul has dedicated his professional life to keeping our kids safe. He has been recognized as a Champion for Children by the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy for his work authoring bills that help stop child abuse, that ensure more abusers are reported, and make sure our children are better protected.  In addition, he was appointed to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles because of his work.  As your next District Judge, John Paul will work to ensure our Juvenile Justice Center continues to lead the state in the great work that has been established and will work with others to exceed the current level of excellence as it expands to help even more in our community.


John Paul knows what it’s like to be a victim. Five days before he married Christi, he was violently attacked in a parking lot by someone that mistakenly thought he was someone else. Through that process John Paul learned not only how the court system worked from a theoretical perspective but also from a victim’s perspective. This incident spurred John Paul to take an active role in protecting victims. Most recently he was recognized for Outstanding Service from the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. John Paul will always work to ensure everyone feels respected and heard.

Jordan for Judge

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